Food Waste to Farms

In the 4th quarter of 2017, we have diverted over 8000 pounds of food from the landfill.

Circular Recycling provides a variety of services in the recycling and solid waste industry ranging from consulting to collection.  Our goal is to develop a circular economy for material that would have otherwise been taken to a landfill and find a beneficial reuse within a 50 mile radius. One of the programs that we have implemented for our customers is a food waste to feed or compost. Essentially, the customer places their pre consumer food waste into a sealed recycling bin vs the dumpster. They then either placed into their locked dumpster enclosure or we collect from inside their business.  Our drivers arrive on site with a clean empty bin and swap the empty out for the full bin. This material cannot be donated to a food bank, because the law requires it to be individually wrapped and labeled. This food is transported to local livestock farms where farmers use it as feed for their Cattle, Chickens and Pigs or compost.



Lower your garbage bill by recycling your food waste

Start recycling food waste for as low as $20 per month

Simply fill these bins for us to collect 1 time per week. The fee for collection is $20 per month for the first bin and $10 per month for every additional bin. The customer places the container in their dumpster enclosure or an agreed upon location for us to collect. We drop off a new clean bin and pick up an empty.